About Me

I came out of the California College of the Arts in Illustration, and decided to pursue a life in photography, illustration, comics, anime, and pharmaceuticals (no I’m not going to get you drugs). On the internet, some may know me as ‘Pineapple Pocky’ or ‘Pennydox’ as my alias (but it’s not so secret now, is it?)
After I got out of CCA, I couldn’t find much of a job, and had to rely on artist alley funds to get to places. It was around that time I became very active on my online blog series called Angry Artist Alley (don’t be fooled by the name), and event photography. Eventually, that led to going to cosplay gatherings as a candid photographer.
Somewhere in my lifeline, I decided I wanted to be a comic artist (yea my life is pretty bland). I’ve done numerous comics, but my two biggest works was probably the comics ‘Starlight Lass’ in the Entervoid Anthology, and ‘Time Skip’ in the Sio Ogura Nobunagun anthology.
Currently, I am a pharmacy technician in Children’s Clinic Pharmacy (it’s a long story)