Angry Artist Alley: Can you draw me a…..?


This is an article is to point out what might or might not be a sensitive topic for artists and consumers, hope to bring empathy to both sides of a nonexistent argument.

One thing I want to tell everyone is that as an artist, we have the freedom to draw what we want. Whether or not you like it, we’ll do it for ourselves. Sometimes we draw it for you too. And you have the freedom of liking what you like too. Everyone has their own little fetish. That’s the wonders of internet. Just don’t get caught with child pornography videos on your computer though.

And another thing is that yes, people have their likes and dislikes, but you shouldn’t hate someone just because you don’t like something they like.
This happened twice recently, and I am concerned about this kind of….behavior.

In my most recent two conventions, someone asked me ‘H…hi….d…do you d-d-draw f-f-furries?’ I’ve never been approached with that thing, but I said ‘Sure, although it’s my first time I don’t mind’  Well, I didn’t get to, probably because I said it was my first time, but yea. Here’s my point:

We’ve got people who like furries, people who love moe, people who love yaoi, people who love BOOOOOBs, you get it. I’ll be honest here: I like blood and guts. It’s pretty obvious from my table stand. I’m not embarrassed (okay maybe when little kids get nervous, but that’s what their mommies are for). I’ve got a number of nicely built women on the pics. Yes they have four packs, what about it? But don’t be too shy. We all like something not everyone else does, it just gets REALLY extreme that’s all. The internet is full of wonders, yes?

I mean, I think it’s great you walked up to my table and even decided to ask me if I could draw something. But don’t be too shy (it makes me uncomfortable too!), what’s the worst someone can do to a complete stranger they don’t know in that situation? They’d just say no (well there could be worse but don’t argue with this). And if they joke about it with their friends, it’s not like they know who you are and if you’re scarred forever. Hell if that’s the issue, this blog would be flooded by some seriously ridiculous requests.

In my comic drawing group, I used to think people who did the kind of art where girls had quadruple FFF cup sizes and people who drew women with unworldly amount of muscles were really freaky people I should never associate with. But you know, they’re pretty much as normal as anyone else. Like sure, they’re not ashamed of liking it, but do I hate them because of that? Nope, and I think they’re really cool people! We draw on google hangout, and of course, one person is courteous enough to turn off his screenshare when he is doing NSFW stuff. What a gentleman!


So I’m talking as an artist behind artist alley: You don’t hate someone because they asked you to draw something specific. Sure I can see how you might think they’ve got a few loose screws in their head, but if you don’t want to draw what they like, don’t do it! And if you want to challenge yourself, then be my guest. You set up an artist alley table at a comic convention, what do you expect? But here’s the thing–don’t hate your customer because they like a certain kind of art (i.e’ i hate that person coz they like sasuke, or I hate that person because they’re a brony). That is, unless they’re pushin your buttons and trying to make you very uncomfortable, and communication sucks. Then you have my permission.

And I’m going to talk to the consumer here: Have some confidence in what you want. Just ask ‘do you draw yaoi?’ or ‘do you draw furries?’. Don’t be too hesitant, some of us get it. Some of us might not look like we’re into that stuff yet turn out to do it secretly and then secretly get excited they got a chance to do a commission of it for someone. Here’s another thing: you just walked into a COMIC CONVENTION, and you don’t think some of us understand you?  What’s the worst that can happen? They don’t know you.

Last convention there was a boy who made a slight argument about one true pairings and how he doesn’t get how people would be interested in Yaoi pairings. I just answered ‘boy, you have no idea’ and giggled. Too cute. 

Be confident.

For anyone who is interested, I have never drawn furries in my life because no one has commissioned me, and if you do, yes i can do it. Hell, if  it’s yuri, yaoi, loli, shota, guro, any of that stuff I’m completely fine with drawing it, as long as it’s not extreme NSFW stuff. One thing I do NOT draw are dead turtles, or kids shooting other people. Many artists have things they’re okay with drawing, and some have things they don’t feel comfortable drawing. If you’re curious as to what the artist might like drawing, LOOK AT THE ART ON THEIR TABLE. And if the artist you’re commissioning isn’t comfortable with drawing what you want, don’t push it. Peer pressure is horrible at a con. Please request responsibly :)

WAIT. Whatever you do, avoid drawing highly religious figures: I don’t want to get into the specifics, but there have been instances involving shootings. So be careful, don’t push it THAT far.


2 thoughts on “Angry Artist Alley: Can you draw me a…..?

  1. “If you’re curious as to what the artist might like drawing, LOOK AT THE ART ON THEIR TABLE.”

    Yes, right? Right? It’s good that this is in a different color because I would rather people see that it’s emphasized that taking a peek at what style/genre we do is probably the basis of most reactions regarding the inquiry, than to take for granted that we are artists and to throw out a hesitant inquiry regarding what we’re willing to do.
    I just write it out on a card with what I will do and what I don’t do. That usually helps people move along without feeling antsy or singled out.

  2. I wish you would have brought up this topic 2 yrs ago lol. I got a large amount of rude reactions and comments from con attendees at a few small anime cons. It is because I do sexy pin up fan art. Being treated rudely made me hella jaded towards this generation of anime fandom.

    Most adults have common sense.They can put 2 and 2 together and figure out what type of artist you are by looking at the work you have on display and on your table. Now some of the more socially impaired young adults and kids do got a screw loose. I don’t find myself hating on these types of con attendees but they do annoy the hell out of me.

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