As some artists, we sit behind artist alley to get pocket cash, exposure, you know the stuff. From budgets, to transportation/living, horrible customers, and well…if you never sat behind artist alley, you have no idea. And if you have…ever feel frustrated?

You’ve got stories? Concerns? Questions? Ask away!

I know there have been people who have sat behind cons before me, but I’ve started around 2004, and I walked in with absolutely no guidance (aka. i screwed up a LOT). So I learned through my mistakes, acquired more than just a handful of stories, and I’ve seen my peers and table mates go through it all too. I don’t mean a convention a year, I mean an average about six a year.

Issue: Someone took my tape!

I know, right? Tape? This happens more than you think. There are people who don’t bring their own tape. I’m sure a table mate has one, but what if two people have one and they’re both clear tape, or masking tape? The thing can be small and lost on the table too. Someone once stole my masking tape, thinking it was theirs because they couldn’t find it. They took it, claiming I was lying and that theirs was missing. So well, I was a nice person, didn’t want to argue after a long day, and bye bye it was gone. Clear tape is even harder to tell the difference, and well, if you bought scotch tape from Walgreens, guess what…so did everyone else. I thought white masking tape would get me out the situation, but hey, we’re art students, masking tape is beige and comes in that generic size (writing your name might help but some skeptical people would think you were lying). I once saw someone claim that another person wrote their name on the tape and stole it, and people can cover the name with their hands so you can’t see your name written on it. So what did I do? I bought bright ass orange masking tape the next con, handed it to my table partners who needed it, and said ‘YOU CAN USE MY TAPE BUT YOU CAN’T STEAL IT! BWAHAHA’ I’m over exaggerating. Actually I’m not. I did that for several cons.


You can always use alternatives like binder clips, magnets, or paperclips too. But once they fall on the floor, sometimes it’s tricky to locate them. And yes, they get stolen too, so you should probably get colored ones just in case.