Angry Artist Alley! This money stuff is COMPLICATED!


Haha,……yea it is. Well, some of you don’t give a crap either, as long as you’re making that money behind the table and getting good exposure. But for me, I graduated out of the California College of the Arts as an Illustration major. Pretty much got out of school with little knowledge about how crazy money management could get. I mean, sales tax in highschool, i can do that. But when you’re not relying on your parents money and stuff like that, you need to think very hard about your choices. Luckily I live with my parents :P

I recently learned Excel, and decided this would be a great opportunity to show my abilities in a real-life situation. Below is a downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that will have blanks in it. All you have to do is fill out the numbers/words on the list, and it will calculate the funds for the entire year. So you guys don’t have to worry about whipping out the calculator every single time.

This is what it looks like:

excel sheet preview

This worksheet only applies to taxes for a single state. And sadly, different cities may charge different sales tax, and this little excel sheet can only read one number (unless you know Excel and you change it yourself). However, with some tweaking (if you know excel), it’s very easy to add extra numbers.

The following excel sheet will contain:

  • calculation of sales tax per year (how much money you earned and how much of it goes will be sales tax)
  • money on supplies/conventions (how much money you spent on tickets/transportation/equipment
  • total earnings for the year, and how much after calculating the amount spent
  • Calculating cost/earning per convention
  • average money per month
  • comparison of monthly earnings
  • payments due-by dates and how much you need to pay during that period. Basically after you shove all the numbers in, you just look at this box and write down the number on your sales taxes ;)


*This sheet is in beta, so if you find a typo or a calculation issue, please tell me. Also, do not distribute without leaving credit to my site. That would be mean >:I

Although I’m not getting paid for this, if you could kindly spread the word about my blog for social networking sites, it would be nice of you to do so ^_^

Note: Paying taxes in California change a bit now, because they ask you for your total earnings instead of acquired taxes. Still, the chart can help you map out when to take a break from artist alley and help you prepare for future conventions.