Angry Artist Alley

What is “Angry Artist Alley?”


As some artists, we sit behind artist alley to get pocket cash, exposure, you know the stuff. From budgets, to transportation/living, horrible customers, and well…if you never sat behind artist alley, you have no idea. And if you have…did you ever feel frustrated?

 You’ve got stories? Concerns? Questions? Ask away!

I know there have been people who have sat behind cons before me, but I’ve started around 2004, and I walked in with absolutely no guidance (aka. i screwed up a LOT). This is just a blog that documents a lot of things that I have experienced, along with my peers.

Why should you believe what I say?

Who said you had to? None of this applies to every single person. So take everything with a grain of salt. If you want clarification, you can ask me or any other fellow artist in artist alley what their opinion is on the situation.

Have some thick skin before reading.

It seems like this blog is rubbing people the wrong way. It feels like I’m ‘scaring’ artists away from artist alley, that it’s some impossible feat to handle. The thing is–if you’ve read this blog and you’re still brave enough to table, and you survive your first table satisfied, then my job here is done. You are now set to table and can take care of yourself now!

Extra note: Yes I got permission from every artist in all these photos. And yes, anything that is a photograph on my site are all taken by me personally, or permission granted by the artist themselves.

Anything I else I should note before reading?

The information is mostly based on a decade’s worth of personal experience from the BAY AREA. From the stories my other artist friends tell me, the other side of this country has nicer people. I can’t prove them right or wrong unless i decide to sell, and not just buy at those cons. But my point is that what I talk about is what happens in the Bay Area usually. However, I make friends and some are travelers who go across the country and help me by telling stories or giving me opinions about these ideas (thank you Facebook!) Also, the information is an amalgam of experiences from anime, comic, indie, and craft events I’ve gone to. Some things that apply to a comic convention might not to an anime convention, and vice versa. Not all conventions were created equal.

Edit: holy shit I went to Seattle and Austin and yea…people are way nicer there, and the conventions are so well run there. Oh man, the food’s way better and cheaper than the Bay Area too 0w0

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Got a question yourself? Comments? Feel free to ask :D

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