Do Not Photograph Signs

“Photograph with Consent” project

Here is a gallery artists who have used this sign!

**If you would like to make one of your own and contribute to this page for others to use, feel free to do so, and include any social media/art sites, as those will be credited as well ! Make sure to put your website on the bottom corner as well  for extra credit!

**Feel free to customize it however you want. I’ve included a template file (.psd) that has all the text and graphics separate. You can change the text so it doesn’t say ‘without asking the artist first’ if you want. You can make the text more passive, or more aggressive. You can also tape illustrations on top, pour glitter all over it, whatever you want :D

**If you plan to print a stack for a convention and hand it out, please make sure to print the backside template as wellA little credit on the back is always nice ^_^

 Tips on printing the signs:

  • YELLOW is amazing! I printed mines on this paper.
  • If your space is cluttered too much with prints, try printing a smaller version of it. You can fit four signs on one page with the new design and it will still stand out.
  • If your table is very light colored, consider printing on bright pink or red instead.
  • If you want to preserve it, stick it in a plastic mylar bag or laminate it to reuse
  • The sign comes in pairs, so you can cut one out for yourself and give to a friend!

Latest Design:

no photos please_prev[Click here for download]
The ‘No Photos at all’, 2-per-page, and 4-per-page versions are in here. The most popular is the 4-per-page version, because you can put multiple little signs on your table instead of having a big fat one in the front.

2015-05-29 19.27.49

Don’t believe ANYONE actually use these signs?
Here are photos of artists that have used them!



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