Old Designs

Like I mentioned in a previous article, I went through some revisions for my signs to see what works and doesn’t work about making people see the sign and ask before snapping a photo. I even made a special one for Sac Anime and Kraken Con! 

Old versions below (newer version makes more sense, but just in case):

Sign_BW prevConvention specific signs

IF YOU ARE A COMIC/ANIME/CRAFT/INDIE CONVENTION AND YOU WOULD LIKE A SIGN MADE FOR YOUR CONVENTION PLEASE CONTACT ME. They are currently FREE, except I’m not printing them out, and my website will be on the bottom. Either the convention must agree to print it or post it on their website/facebook page and spread the word.
Below are templates done for other conventions. Yes, you can use them for your own convention, but if you’re using it for that specific convention, do NOT change the mascots around! Please use the customizable template instead. 

Download KrakenCon:


Download Sac-con/Sac-Anime:



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