Just to let my readers know, there’s a huge imbalance of blog articles about artist alley without me actually showing my own artwork. So expect more recent projects or photography here. But don’t expect them to update every week :P

I didn’t get in the Capcom Tribute, but I submitted a piece I really like and wanted to talk about it a little. The Udon crew had an insane amount of competition, so I’m not surprised I didn’t get in (heck, a lot of people who got in that book were veterans or creators of the series). So without further ado, it’s Rose, from Street Fighter!
ROSE_mockup I’m actually really bad at the game, and there’s not a lot of fan art of her, so I was happy just making the piece for myself anyways. She is one of the few characters in the game that I can sort of get a handle on (i can’t do a Z movement on the game stick, and I don’t really know how to handle charge characters, so her limited moves help me out on that). The original illustration is actually markers, but the background, textures, and glowing are done in Photoshop. The piece took about two days to complete, and I currently have them available as a mini print in my store :D

I’m a very late bloomer, but one of the earliest arcade fighting games I’ve ever played was Street Fighter 4. When I first played, I used a game stick, and so when I begged my brother to buy the game for me, I couldn’t figure out how to use the controller, and begged him to buy a game stick for me as well. Best big bro ever!
I really fell in love with the art, and the comics that come with it are AMAZING. I want to give props to the writers of the comic series, the flow is superb.  A lot of my current work was inspired by the game. When the characters pull out their special moves, and the scene changes, it’s so dramatic, and the comic is like watching the game unfold with different characters! I love the sumi-e ink washes that happen when the characters use a focus attack. Anyways, I’m just in my own little world with this franchise.
One of my dream comic jobs is to work for Udon to make a short Street Fighter. That’s such a long shot, but I’ll keep practicing, and hey, who knows! This is my first attempt, I’m sure one day I’ll make more fan comics. 


Women of the Deep Sea (preview)


There was some contest by a friend, his alias is “WenM”. I doubt I’ll ever win his contest, but I might as well enter this thing. Design of a monster.


Digital, Markers, and white gouache

I went to another art museum show called the “Royal Treasures from the Louvre: Louis XIV to Marie-Antoinette” and was inspired to create chimera like creatures. The design is based on a gulper eel (Saccopharyngiformes). I wish there was more material to study about these deep sea creatures, but unfortunately there isn’t much that has been discovered about this stuff.

AND, this is a preview of a small artbook I’m planning. At the moment I am dubbing it as “Women of the Deep Sea”. It will consist of species from the deep ocean floors, homogenized with a human woman (like a mermaid, but not). This is just a sample preview pic, I’m sure I could do a better picture depicting this freaky ass fish. Just wanted to show off a little progress.


Detergent: Contest!


As many of you know, I have a re-vamped version of a comic out, Detergent 2.0. The storyline is more linear, the print quality is by far more superior, and every single page was re-drawn for better quality and details. I added a color cover, pages are actually cropped now, and I added comic tones. I’d say it’s worth a complete re-buy. It will be available on the online store in a week or two, along with a ton of other great things.


Concept: As many of you know, Detergent takes place in the imaginary  world inside the protagonist’s head….after snorting laundry detergent. Now, as I’m a lazy thinker and need more inspiration, I feel that there should be other versions and other stories too. My second one in this series will be about smoking oregano. If you don’t understand the concept, maybe these two videos can help jog your mind? <–chili powder <–oregano

IDEA: If any household food/item could be used as a drug, what would you choose? Draw it out, and make sure the drawing shows how it would work :D

It can be an illustration, a diagram, etc.

Who will win: There will be one winner for every five contestants. BUT if there aren’t even four people who submit, no one will get any prize :(
I choose by personal preference (just coz you can’t draw well or whatever doesn’t mean you won’t win). If for any reason more than one person submits the same idea, I will only choose one of those, but I’ll still mail you some stickers ;)

How to submit:

1) Email the file here

2)Post a message on THIS blog entry

3)Remember, there’s one winner for every five entries, so if you spread the word, there will be more chances!



Winners will receive a copy of Detergent 2.0 mailed, along with some stickers!