RWBY Photoshoot (part 2): Nuts and Dolts (with spoilers)


[See Part 1 of the blog here]

I’m VERY sure by now you guys have realized what kind of nut I am for RWBY.
……oh wait. hold on a sec here.
If you haven’t seen all the way until Volume 3, don’t read this blog article. It’s just a bunch of huge spoilers, my afterthoughts on it, and my biased opinion on the staff of Roosterteeth.
….you still reading? I assume you saw the end of Volume 3 then. Okay good.

*deep breath*
…here we go.

So towards the end of Volume 3, a bunch of really sad things happen. The harder they fall, the more epic they are when they come back up. So just because my favorite character, Penny, is dead, that doesn’t mean her death will end JUST like that. I’m definitely sure the deaths of Penny and Pyrrha will not be in vain. Assuming this is a ten volume series, they were just characters that drove the plot forward, and it’s just the beginning of some crazy epic journey. Who knows, maybe they’ll come back. Maybe Penny will come back as Freckles (from RvB) :P
I sound a bit shallow on this, but studying scriptwriting, I know this is just the beginning of the ‘journey’ part of the story. And that was the last few minutes of the very last episode. So trust me when I say this is the tip of the iceberg, and something way worse is going to happen later. When team RWBY rendezvous, it’sgoing to be epic.

But I still feel sad for Penny. She was so cool. I’m very grateful for meeting these two lovely cosplayers who agreed with me to do this shoot. It’s not supposed to be a rude thing, but it’s just something I want to remember them by.

I’d like to thank Valkyrjur Cosplay (her sister is the one cosplaying Penny), and Rikuko Cosplay (dressed as Ruby) for the shoot.

Oh, and this cute one:


(cosplayers unknown atm)

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I am very sure you all know Monty left us, and the staff had to continue the series without his guidance. Assuming the series was animated mostly-chronologically, I can see the flaws of the first episode, but major change towards the last few episodes. I had my doubts, but knowing that they had such a great ability to adapt and improve, that has mostly disappeared. I’m not an animation expert, but if the Roosterteeth animation crew is reading this, I think you need to listen to the opinions of the fans who watch this, and also recruit a very talented storyboard artist whose job is to choreograph fight scenes with way better timing and angles for the sequences.

I don’t feel like explaining myself a lot, but Roosterteeth needs to get someone who knows how to design fun awesome swag. In America. I don’t want to get in a heated argument or anything, but I wish we had more artists in America doing this stuff. Japan is WAY ahead of this game and only Volume 1 is there. If you’re a Roosterteeth staff member, there’s a fat pool of artists in America who are dedicated to RWBY and you could try contacting us nobodies for a commission for awesome art. And make some RWBY headphones. Shit, that would be so awesome.
And if you think you’re qualified to help Roosterteeth out as an artist, I highly encourage you to submit your portfolio to them ^_^

Anyways, Penny’s dead, but I’m not that sad about it anymore. It’s what made this story finally have a definite plot for the main character, and now Ruby has a purpose for her life. Congrats, I better see some awesome shit in Volume 4.


RWBY Photoshoot: Kimono Edition! (part 1)


This will be a two part blog article with two different topics. Part 2 of this article is here. This one is a lot darker, so bear with me, and I hope you read through the entire thing. I am sure some of you will disagree with me on this, and if you do, I urge you NOT to send your hate to me or any of the cosplayers here. Just stop reading, close the window, and move on with your life. Stating your opinion is alright though. Everyone’s got a different opinion, and I’m open to changing mines if I’m convinced enough.

Let’s start with something more lighthearted though, shall we?

I went to the Spring Norcal Cosplay Gathering and as usual now, I met up with the posterboy and postergirls of the RWBY cosplays in the Bay Area–Stormflower Cosplay, Valkyrjur Cosplay, and Kiba Cosplay, as well as others.

Every time I meet up with them, there’s always a ‘theme’ to their outfits. One thing I love about their cosplays is that they don’t just stick to the norm of the outfits in the series. There was ‘swimsuit edition’, ‘christmas edition’, and now we have ‘kimono edition’
If Roosterteeth is ever looking for fashion alternatives for these characters, they need not look any further. Valkyjur is a master of fashion design.

I guess this round, they got a group to cosplay.  Quite a treat!

Ruby- Rikuko Cosplay
Yang- N/A
Blake- Kkibsong
Penny- Valkyrjur Cosplay (in affiliation with)
Nora- Valkyrjur Cosplay
Lie Ren- Stormflower Cosplay
Coco Adel-Rebecca F.

(sadly, no Weiss or Velvet, and the Yang cosplayer came very late that day)

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The rest here is personal ranting, but if you don’t want to go into drama and stuff unrelated to RWBY, just skip to the next blog article.

Cultural Appropriation.

If you’re not japanese and you wear a kimono, it’s not offensive. You’re being too sensitive about the term ‘cultural appropriation’. Cultural Appropriation and the misunderstanding, misuse, and ignorance of it. Get your head out of a rock. Now let me enjoy my sushi burrito I got from Berkeley.

I was going to write a long ass rant about how people are oversensitive about the term, but let me clarify a few things. We’re living in the twenty first century, where language, religion, fashion, food, and daily necessities have all mixed together into a happy ass chunk of cheese fondue. Our world and culture is rapidly changing. Racism is very real, but the way we’re treating the term ‘cultural appropriation’ almost always as a negative thing online, it may as well just be reinforcing it for some. There are some bright sides to it. Be open for many things!

And going back to the photoshoot above, we can see a bunch of happy people with fashionable kimono-yukata-kickass ninja hybrids COSPLAYING. I do not see anything wrong with this at all. Do you? Hopefully not. If you were a fan of RWBY, these are amazing, but if you didn’t know the series, what would you think?


‘Arquebus Dance’ Anthology: The Conclusion of the Project (and KrakenCon Photos)


Aye! And so, this is the part 3, the last part, of my 3 blog article revolving around my ‘Arquebus Dance’ collaborative project with my friend Kayu. And a photoshoot.

At this point, both Kayu has completed the layout and the book was sent to the printers. We’re both crossing our fingers that it will turn out great.

I thought it would be a bit unfair for every artist who contributed only to get one free copy and preorder bonuses, but in addition, I’ve printed every artist five quality prints for their own use, and a framed one to hang on their wall as a special gift. Not much, but so far the best we can manage, since this is all privately funded with barely anyone interested in preorders.

Layout design took a little over a week, which involved nightly conversations on Google Hangout, lots of file transfers over gmail and dropbox, and a crapton of swearing at the monitor.

There were some serious issues though. We expected the layout to be B5 sized (typical doujin size), but the printer we had our eye on suddenly made a note saying they aren’t picking up any more orders, so we had to find an alternate. Eventually we decided that printing on regular comic book size and trimming the bottom would suffice. I’d like to thank RA Comics for putting up with our shit, because we honestly weren’t sure what the hell we were doing. Thanks for your patience and troubleshooting!



Last weekend, there was a convention called KrakenCon, and IT WAS ON A FLIPPIN AIRCRAFT CARRIER SHIP HOLY SHIT. Like…I could go on about how it was one of the most amazing convention experiences I had in my life, but you can just ask anyone who went, and they’ll just flip out as much as I did.

In Nobunagun, Sio was a military fanatic, and it was appropriate to have this photo shoot with her admiral outfit (not featured in anime, but later in manga). We visited all sorts of places all over this ship and snapped a ton of photos. This photo shoot is pretty much like the conclusion to our project. Hope you enjoy it!

Let’s kick off the celebration off with a photo shoot of Sio when she [INSERT SPOILERS] :D


Fanime 2015 Monty Oum Gathering


This is another random blog post I wanted to share about another new experience I encountered at Fanime, as a photographer. I have been to Fanime for almost a decade, but I’ve NEVER gone to a cosplay gathering there. Crazy, yea? Well I have been at artist alley almost every other time, so this was pretty new.
As another note, I have uploaded the photos on my facebook album too if you want to see it there instead.

For the past record, I went to my first convention cosplay gathering at Emerald City Comic Con for Roosterteeth, and it was super duper chill and tiny, and the second gathering was a Marvel/DC one at Big WOW! but I was only there for the very last ‘group shot’ moment. I’ve gone to cosplay gatherings outside of conventions, and it’s waaaaaay different (just imagine cosplayers grilling hotdogs and drinking soda). So I decided to write an article about my experience.

So for those who did not know, Monty Oum passed away a few months ago, and although very mournful, the meet was more about celebrating his work than anything else. Other than these two cosplayers below, everything else was RWBY.

The very beginning
 It wasn’t too hard to find this gathering–look for the hoard of cosplayers with red scythes, big yellow hair, and green guns.

At usual cosplay meets I would warn everyone I’d take candids beforehand to make sure I don’t get in trouble. Cosplay doesn’t equal consent, right? Well it felt REALLY awkward saying it at a convention instead of a cosplay gathering. But it’s better than being blacklisted at a convention for doing something that creepy. I got to do, what I got to do, yea? I had to think quick and figure out a way to just tell everyone all at once. Eventually I found out who the head of the gathering was, and asked permission to use the stage.

The beginning of the actual gathering
 First we had an announcer introduce the meet, and then they let me get on stage to yell on stage ‘HEY I AM GONNA TAKE CANDIDS WHERE YOU AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION. WHO DOES NOT WANT THAT?’ [silence, no hands are raised] ‘OKAY GOOD THANKS EVERYONE’. Problem solved. *whew*

I didn’t feel very comfortable being a complete stranger sitting within this giant crowd of strangers…

But thank goodness I could at least recognize this guy from past cosplay gatherings, and sat next to him.

I want to say I met this guy at the last Sac Anime when I wanted a photo of his Mercury cosplay, but when I saw him cosplay as Robin at another gathering and say hi to me again, I realized I may have met this guy more than just a few times XD

First Call: Characters

Here, the announcer called each character on stage to strike a pose, turn left, turn center, then turn right, to make sure all photographers got a good angle. Unfortunately for me, I was too short to move back to take a good pic, and my camera is too zoomed in to take good pics that cut out the people sitting in front of me. So unfortunately, the only thing I could resort to was luck, and Photoshop cropping.

And so…the characters in solo pop up. I didn’t include every character in this gallery, but I assure you, we went through the WHOLE THING.

Second Call: Groups
Next, we have the groups. Trying to call characters up on stage got some effort, but I think as the gathering progressed, people kind of got the hang of it.

Third Call: Ships
Half an hour has passed, and now everyone gets really excited. REALLY excited >:D
Some people got really ‘in character’ with their cosplays, hehe.

That was the end of the meet, but there were more people lingering around. I can’t believe these two cosplayers missed the fun!

 Conclusion Of the Gathering

Well, after that, everyone dispersed or stayed for the Roosterteeth gathering that was right afterwards. That was one hell of a meet! Sadly I didn’t really get to make any new friends. I passed out some stickers…hmm..that was it. Would I go to another one of these in the future though? Hell yes! <3

Check out this gallery for more photos: Chad Cosplay

If you’re a photographer who also took photos, please send me a link and I’ll add on to this list.



Attack on Christmas!


I went to a Norcal Cosplay Meet in Fremont on Saturday, it was a crazy scene. Anyways, it’s a get together with cosplayers and photographers to chill out. I take candid shots, but as I’ve promised people, I will not post those shots. However, there were ‘photoshooot’ places, so I think it’s okay to show this REALLY AWESOME SHIT THAT HAPPENED:


Yes, it is indeed Shingeki No Kyojin Meets Santa Claus, and epic. It was so well thought out, from the signs, the stuff on their head, the patching, and holy shit the christmas lights on their legs. Quite a sight to see. I even compiled of some of the clips I got from the event:

If only I knew of this beforehand, I would have been way more prepared. Anyhow, they had some really cool poses. Although the video is shaky, here were the moments, where my hand was steady:


Yep, the lights were lit up on their legs. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Notice one of the characters is wearing what must be 12 inch platform shoes to match everyone’s height? That’s freakin hardcore. Omg the patches on the back!! X3OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Omg that Hanji cosplayer, totally into it!


And those halos on the dead characters!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Omg those heels again!


Yea they’re gonna woop some titan ass with dem candy canes!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The planning in this was incredible >:D

Towards the end of the meet the sun was setting, and I found them here, and I just thought ‘HOLY SHIT THIS IS EPIC’ and snapped a few more photos.


Merry Christmas all!

Eren- Effektd Cosplay,
Mikasa- Primadonna Cosplay,
Armin- Haku Zoi Cosplay,
Jean- Ryoga Rocket,
Ymir- Dagger Six,
Christa- Anya’s Cosplay,
Sasha- Kimba Sprite Cosplay,
Annie- Adel Cosplay,
Marco- Tryston Levi Nyankyun,
Hanji- Lala Dawn Cosplay,
Levi- Anti Ai-chan Cosplay,
Petra- Raven Roth,
Mina- ICosplayInsanity,

And special thanks to Becca , coordinator of the Norcal Winter Cosplay Gathering on Saturday! cosplay page:




CosDrawing: Speedpaint


This is just a small segment of this blog entry: I practice doing figure drawings with cosplayers when I don’t have the money or resources to get nude figures. Because they sit still the entire time I’m staring at them, I use them more for color studies and perspective/proportion studies than I do with trying to keep drawings as accurate as possible. Kind of my self-study class thing, I guess. Anyhow, here’s some stuff from some conventions I went to this year. Method: Speedpaint. Although some people can whip these things in twenty minutes, it’s more like thirty to fourty minutes for me, and I just stop when I think I’m fleshing too much stuff in. This was just a not-so-good-but-better-than-last-time attempt. Hell, if I keep doing it I might be as awesome as HaveConquest from Deviantart (whom I look up to on these things). He was the first person who I know of who coined that name with that technique.


This was Kraken Con. I actually saw this dude in a TOOOOON of cons for quite a while. But didn’t get to really walk up and meet him until this con…..well, not take off his mask. I just kinda heard a human voice in that helmet.

speedpainting1a speedpainting1aphoto

This beautiful gem was at a cosplay meet that was at the beach in San Francisco. It was just the perfect weather, perfect setting for her cosplay. When I worked on this, I noticed how strong the shadow is on the piece of cloth floating in the air. Knowledged-aquired.

Her alias:  CraftySorceress

Website: speedpainting1b

Yep, there were two Korra cosplayers that day :Pspeedpainting1bphoto

For a few minutes, I didn’t get who he was–he looked SO FAMILIAR but I just couldn’t figure it out until my friend told me he was cosplaying as a guy version of Valentine. This was many months back when the game just came out I think, and so I was so excited I emailed it to the artist and the game people, but they never responded. Oh well, must be busy with the other amounts of fan mails. speedpainting1c speedpainting1cphoto

If you’re interested in one of these, and have a photo of yourself as a cosplayer, feel free to ask for a commission. They are $25 each, +5 per additional person. I’ll have brown-sketch versions to show too.


Cos-Draw: Drawing Cosplay!


COSDRAW: Some people would call it just drawing costumes, and I guess you can say that. But I’d like to believe that it’s more like ‘drawing cosplayers like they LOOK like cosplayers!’ No it’s not a real concept or word, I actually made it up. But it’s pretty much COS(play) + DRAW(ing) put together. One day I hope this term might actually be a real lingo.


(alias: HasParrot, cosplaying as Nano Shinonome from Nichijou, done in pen)

The origin of my concept? Many times, sitting behind anime conventions in artist alley, I get two different questions for a commission: “Can you make me into an anime character?” and “Can you draw me?”

Obviously I’d want to secretly slap you in the face if you couldn’t tell the difference between the two questions, yet practically everyone at the convention does one thing which I spite now: They draw some hair, slap some anime eyes on it, and give it to the person, and the person says “WHOA LOOK! I’m in an anime!” or some stupid crap like that. I’m not sure who the hell is more oblivious to the situation–the artist or the one commissioning it.

I hate to admit, but I have done that a few times in my early years, but quickly after I discovered this flaw, I’ve changed my work, and I’ve perfected my skill to the point where I can literally draw an anime cosplayer so they look like the person AND as the cosplay that they’re wearing!well…try to (that’s what practice is for) And thus, A far greater skill and talent is required to do such a feat!

Where the hell did I get this idea from?

Sometime during college, I couldn’t make time to get to the figure drawing sessions, so instead, I had to practice somehow. I went to a cosplay meet just to find something to draw, and snapped a lot of photos. Then I realized that since I’m drawing all sorts of characters similar, I could use it as reference. Then I started practicing drawing figures with clothing (and weapons and all sorts of other stuff), and thought that this was a great idea to share! So now I go to cosplay meets, take photos, and practice from them. I have a pile, and because I do not want to post anything of a person that probably doesn’t even know my name, I scan it and give it back to the cosplayer (well, I keep the really good ones, but I’d throw away the other ones to save room anyhow). What I enjoy about this is that people come in different shapes and sizes, and I don’t think anyone’s been offended by any drawing I’ve done before of them (you’re beautiful the way you are, and even cooler with a cosplay).

What’s different about this than drawing people posing in costumes? 

Nothing much, other than the fact that the ones I often make are of cosplayers that are almost never ever posing in front of the camera (so the images look more ‘natural’) and are often in a setting that’s nothing like the anime series and stuff. Stuff like cosplayers playing a DS, or jumping in mid air dancing to Hatsune Miku, opening up a christmas present, or eating a sandwich…those are the funnest pictures I’ve done :3

What now?

If you’re interested, try drawing cosplayers like they look like cosplaying!

(the actual image of Nano Shinonome from the series Nichijou)


The Pokemon Men


Who are the Pokemon Men? Well…they’re guys dressed up as the Pokemon characters. And they do more than just that…if you’re interested, go look it up yourself on youtube, at your own cost.

I saw them at an anime convention called Fanime 2011. Look how happy they are :)

A friend and I were talking about drawing cosplayers, and I have wondered how the hell artists get away with doing that–for one thing, many cosplayers don’t actually look as ‘pretty’ as the drawings that artists do of them because they either can’t draw what they look like, or they’re just trying to be nice to the person who is paying them. For me…well, if they’re ugly, well screw them they paid me to draw an ugly cosplayer. But if they’re a bit uglier than average (as in super fat or something), then I *might* be a little more considerate. But I tried to draw cosplayers so they LOOK like cosplayers. Here is a 3 hour drawing practice:

So…they LOOK like cosplayers in this drawing and NOT the anime character or some generic anime person with a costume. Eh?

Pokemon Men Facebook Fan Page
(go look for the youtube videos on your own)