RWBY Photoshoot (part 2): Nuts and Dolts (with spoilers)


[See Part 1 of the blog here]

I’m VERY sure by now you guys have realized what kind of nut I am for RWBY.
……oh wait. hold on a sec here.
If you haven’t seen all the way until Volume 3, don’t read this blog article. It’s just a bunch of huge spoilers, my afterthoughts on it, and my biased opinion on the staff of Roosterteeth.
….you still reading? I assume you saw the end of Volume 3 then. Okay good.

*deep breath*
…here we go.

So towards the end of Volume 3, a bunch of really sad things happen. The harder they fall, the more epic they are when they come back up. So just because my favorite character, Penny, is dead, that doesn’t mean her death will end JUST like that. I’m definitely sure the deaths of Penny and Pyrrha will not be in vain. Assuming this is a ten volume series, they were just characters that drove the plot forward, and it’s just the beginning of some crazy epic journey. Who knows, maybe they’ll come back. Maybe Penny will come back as Freckles (from RvB) :P
I sound a bit shallow on this, but studying scriptwriting, I know this is just the beginning of the ‘journey’ part of the story. And that was the last few minutes of the very last episode. So trust me when I say this is the tip of the iceberg, and something way worse is going to happen later. When team RWBY rendezvous, it’sgoing to be epic.

But I still feel sad for Penny. She was so cool. I’m very grateful for meeting these two lovely cosplayers who agreed with me to do this shoot. It’s not supposed to be a rude thing, but it’s just something I want to remember them by.

I’d like to thank Valkyrjur Cosplay (her sister is the one cosplaying Penny), and Rikuko Cosplay (dressed as Ruby) for the shoot.

Oh, and this cute one:


(cosplayers unknown atm)

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I am very sure you all know Monty left us, and the staff had to continue the series without his guidance. Assuming the series was animated mostly-chronologically, I can see the flaws of the first episode, but major change towards the last few episodes. I had my doubts, but knowing that they had such a great ability to adapt and improve, that has mostly disappeared. I’m not an animation expert, but if the Roosterteeth animation crew is reading this, I think you need to listen to the opinions of the fans who watch this, and also recruit a very talented storyboard artist whose job is to choreograph fight scenes with way better timing and angles for the sequences.

I don’t feel like explaining myself a lot, but Roosterteeth needs to get someone who knows how to design fun awesome swag. In America. I don’t want to get in a heated argument or anything, but I wish we had more artists in America doing this stuff. Japan is WAY ahead of this game and only Volume 1 is there. If you’re a Roosterteeth staff member, there’s a fat pool of artists in America who are dedicated to RWBY and you could try contacting us nobodies for a commission for awesome art. And make some RWBY headphones. Shit, that would be so awesome.
And if you think you’re qualified to help Roosterteeth out as an artist, I highly encourage you to submit your portfolio to them ^_^

Anyways, Penny’s dead, but I’m not that sad about it anymore. It’s what made this story finally have a definite plot for the main character, and now Ruby has a purpose for her life. Congrats, I better see some awesome shit in Volume 4.


RWBY Photoshoot: Kimono Edition! (part 1)


This will be a two part blog article with two different topics. Part 2 of this article is here. This one is a lot darker, so bear with me, and I hope you read through the entire thing. I am sure some of you will disagree with me on this, and if you do, I urge you NOT to send your hate to me or any of the cosplayers here. Just stop reading, close the window, and move on with your life. Stating your opinion is alright though. Everyone’s got a different opinion, and I’m open to changing mines if I’m convinced enough.

Let’s start with something more lighthearted though, shall we?

I went to the Spring Norcal Cosplay Gathering and as usual now, I met up with the posterboy and postergirls of the RWBY cosplays in the Bay Area–Stormflower Cosplay, Valkyrjur Cosplay, and Kiba Cosplay, as well as others.

Every time I meet up with them, there’s always a ‘theme’ to their outfits. One thing I love about their cosplays is that they don’t just stick to the norm of the outfits in the series. There was ‘swimsuit edition’, ‘christmas edition’, and now we have ‘kimono edition’
If Roosterteeth is ever looking for fashion alternatives for these characters, they need not look any further. Valkyjur is a master of fashion design.

I guess this round, they got a group to cosplay.  Quite a treat!

Ruby- Rikuko Cosplay
Yang- N/A
Blake- Kkibsong
Penny- Valkyrjur Cosplay (in affiliation with)
Nora- Valkyrjur Cosplay
Lie Ren- Stormflower Cosplay
Coco Adel-Rebecca F.

(sadly, no Weiss or Velvet, and the Yang cosplayer came very late that day)

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The rest here is personal ranting, but if you don’t want to go into drama and stuff unrelated to RWBY, just skip to the next blog article.

Cultural Appropriation.

If you’re not japanese and you wear a kimono, it’s not offensive. You’re being too sensitive about the term ‘cultural appropriation’. Cultural Appropriation and the misunderstanding, misuse, and ignorance of it. Get your head out of a rock. Now let me enjoy my sushi burrito I got from Berkeley.

I was going to write a long ass rant about how people are oversensitive about the term, but let me clarify a few things. We’re living in the twenty first century, where language, religion, fashion, food, and daily necessities have all mixed together into a happy ass chunk of cheese fondue. Our world and culture is rapidly changing. Racism is very real, but the way we’re treating the term ‘cultural appropriation’ almost always as a negative thing online, it may as well just be reinforcing it for some. There are some bright sides to it. Be open for many things!

And going back to the photoshoot above, we can see a bunch of happy people with fashionable kimono-yukata-kickass ninja hybrids COSPLAYING. I do not see anything wrong with this at all. Do you? Hopefully not. If you were a fan of RWBY, these are amazing, but if you didn’t know the series, what would you think?


Angry Artist Alley: Let me photograph your artwork!


NOTE: This article is about refusing photos without permission. If you let them take a photo of your work, then go ahead.  Also, YES I did get permission from everyone here and even gave them a slip of paper with my contact and blog in case they’re pissed about it. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Artist: Aurelia Toscano. “Nope. Don’t think so.”

“Hell no, you cannot take a picture of my work and shove it on instagram with your stupid ass meme or whatever” No. NO.

If you’re one of these people, please dunk your head in some ice water and think about what you just did:

I don’t care if you’re a fellow artist, public media, or whatever shit. Please ask the artist behind the table before zooming in and taking a pic of the artwork. If my reputation behind artist alley table didn’t matter, I’d seriously get up and take that person’s cellphone and throw it against the wall. Of course, that won’t happen, because well….my reputation would go down the drain. So as fellow artists, LET’S STAND UP FOR OURSELVES!


Artist: Scuttlebutt Ink. “Not on my watch!”

Photographing someone’s artwork in artist alley is very impolite. The artist  has spent so much time creating artwork to sell for cash to make up for the table and expenses, and the person with the camera takes the photo for free without even asking. I started hearing stories about people photographing artwork, and with such high resolution cameras and phones, they used those photos to re-print and sell. Copyright infringement, artist exploitation, sometimes internet harassment/cyber bullying is built from these things. When you take a photo and keep it for your own viewing or post it online, you’re exploiting the artist’s hard work and effort making it. So please support an artist by buying something that is worth the picture itself.

There’s no 100% definite way to fix this. Actually at conventions, they often have a note in their booklets or websites that already say ‘please do not take photos of artists and their property without permission from the artist themselves’ SO UH, WHO ACTUALLY READ AND KNEW THAT? Almost no one, since that’s usually an obscure sentence hidden in the ‘artist alley’ section of the booklets or website, where only artists really actually read. SO, here’s some ways to help you, us, and everyone in artist alley. It only works if we all work together on this, okay?

Things to understand about these people with cameras

  • They are usually using phone cameras, which usually also leads to things like instagram, which means an instant photo of your work posted on facebook while the convention is going on.
  • You need to understand that when they do that, they usually will never buy anything from your table. I mean, they have a photo they can look at and post and show off online, why do they need another picture?
  • After taking a photo, they usually walk off. Usually no conversation whatsoever.
  • Along with no-conversation, this means that after taking the photo they won’t know who you are, what you look like, or where the art came from, because they got the picture. I mean hey, if they have a free picture, why the hell should they care who made it? (sarcasm)
  • Taking photos, posting them online without knowing the artist, that’s not going to give you publicity–no one will know who made it :T
  • Their excuse would likely be ignorance. “I didn’t know!” Well, informing people is just the first step. Artist alley is not just a show of your artwork, it’s getting enough cash to pay back for your table and more in the first place and get exposure for your work.
  • No payment required. Just *click* and you got a picture of it.
  • Memes

So, how should we artists stand up for ourselves?

  • When they whip out the camera and point it at your work, quickly cover it with your hands and politely say ‘please, no pictures unless you’re buying, okay?’
  • Have an obvious sign that says ‘NO CAMERAS without permission of artist’
  • Straight out tell them ‘Excuse me, but why are you pointing your camera at my artwork?’ and then explain your situation to them.
  • If they ever EVER want to, make sure they take a photo of you and your sign/name. When you have a sign or name on your table, people can at least find your screenname or site from it. For example, my sign would be ‘Pineapple Pocky Productions’. Someone finds that phrase online, whips it to my website. This can be both good or bad, so be cautious on this too.


Artist: 777Sprites. He knows what’s up. Don’t worry, I ASKED before I took this photo :P

How do the customers feel?

  • Usually, they get really giddy about the picture. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this reaction a few times somewhere. “Oh my god check this out!”
  • Taking a photo of the picture WITH themselves in it makes it into proof that they didn’t just clip it online.
  • They like the picture
  • When you refuse, they’re angry and think you’re an ass for not letting them ‘show’ your artwork
  • Your reputation will go down because of that.
  • They walk away not buying anything
  • They don’t understand your situation.

If they don’t understand how you feel or your situation,

would you think they’d be an actual customer in the first place?

I was once ignorant and used to take pics of tables (and cosplayers, I’m so sorry). So yes, I’m guilty, and when people started doing it to my own artwork, I began to understand too. Not that I’ve ever posted a photo of these things online, but I would do it anyhow. The only time I remembered doing it was to post something about art theft. I’d like to apologize to anyone here in my earlier years with a camera that I had no idea how you felt. Hopefully other people who were once ignorant about this situation is not anymore now.


  • If you’re in this category, it’s highly likely that you’re one of those *ahem* successful-talented-artists-that-actually-make-a-good-profit-at-cons and people know you and you actually sell pretty well at cons. Honestly, you’re in the safe zone. For everyone else, which is like the 99%, when people take photos, they do NOT know the artist, they do NOT credit the artist, and they do NOT know their art site or will ever tag their art site.
  • Also, if you’re in this category, I’m surprised you read through this whole article.


I noticed this when I was asking for photos at Fanime for people to hold up their signs. Not every artist was compliant with photos (no I didn’t take photos of those people), but many said they’d only get their picture taken if they covered their face (you’ll notice some in the gallery). So some artists are seriously camera shy, and DO NOT want photos of themselves. Maybe they’re cool with people taking photos of their work, but not of themselves. Or maybe they want to put a prop on their head before any photo is taken of them. Just another thing to consider. Just ask first, yknow?

You can now use a printable template that I designed, completely free! Feel free to print it, share it, and whatever. Please read this Angry Artist Alley article to get it



Fall 2012 Illustration Thesis Show


Once again, it’s that time of year for illustration thesis students to strut their stuff. I think by now I can stop saying ‘dang I’m impressed with this year’ because it feels like I said that for about three years now since I started caring. There were many down points though, mostly being the fact that it wasn’t really ‘advertised’ enough and there were only ten artists, so it was a much quieter thesis show than last year. And next year will be HELL.

Yesterday I felt my mouth just wouldn’t stop talking–blah blah blah, I really apologize if I said anything stupid or wouldn’t shut up yesterday. It gets lonely in the house and I didn’t realize what I said until I went home in the shower to contemplate.

Some REALLY awesome highlights though:

-I met an orthodontist, and he finally told me what these things in my mouth was.

-there were these two twins that wore the exact same clothing:

-I managed to get all but one promo piece.

-Got to see the ‘elite’ alumni crew, as I call it:

 (From left to right: Collin Nita, Laura Szabo, Jonathan Stagnaro, Yina Kim, Devin Mireles) –Sadly, many others are missing in this pic.

-Saw people from my class :3

-Thanks to the ‘Kick Ass’ Illustration 5 class, I was able to eat two slices of pizza, combined with the other food the school provided, which consisted of soda and some sort of stuffed savory pastry for the night:

(Here, the star of Figure Drawing Saturdays, Cyd, is giving me a big smile. And look at all that uneaten pizza….too bad I only took two slices. By the time I finished eating, I realized the sunlight was really good for photos and ran out, so I couldn’t get a third or fourth slice.)

But some not-so-great moments though:

-No faculty kids to mess around with and take pictures (they are so cute when they look at the pictures)

-A LOT of missing alumni

-Very few art directors (couldn’t get as many photos as I wanted, and so ended up with many repetitive photos)

-People decided to get the beautiful reflective Ikea frames, and also decided to stick their frames next to the window area. Fortunately, I had planned this situation and got a really nice polarized lens to remove glare, but the light was very intense and I could only do so much with a lens. This did turn out to be the best lifesaver when photographing Melissa’s bookcovers.

-My feet are still sore from yesterday

-I forgot to switch lenses after sun went down, and that wasn’t good.

-I said stupid stuff again.

-forgot to steal my brother’s camera blower–dust on the camera lens is evil.


Fun Facts:

-I used up a memory card this year, and thank goodness I got a spare this time.

-Battery ran out twice, but thank goodness I bought a spare of that as well..and my charger.

-I did quite some research to get this polarized lens, and also, thank goodness I got that too.

-I have been uploading these photos for over twenty minutes in my computer now.

-I went to CCA and started photographing around 12:30 already.

-I gave my ‘advice’ for underclassmen, even though I don’t know why they asked me, as I’ve only done thesis review once and I wasn’t even that great (and no one got in contact with me either). However, if any of you ever ask me again I think I’ll just point you to this link: (never did part two)

-People still knew me from CCA.


*note: Unfortunately, I cannot show images of the artists who were at the show. I told them I wouldn’t post them, because almost all of them told me not to in the first place. I can only direct you to the pages that I know of:


Museum Visit: Royal Treasures from the Louvre: Louis XIV to Marie-Antoinette


Yes, the show is a long title:

Royal Treasures from the Louvre: Louis XIV to Marie-Antoinette

(Takes place in Legion of Honor Museum, San Francisco)

Seriously, though, it was one show you do NOT want to miss. Well, I didn’t miss it, because I just went last week. And if I can describe it in a few words, I can say: snuff boxes, rich ass people, vases,  and weird animals. Yea, that didn’t sound right, but I’m not kidding.

To put it shortly, there were really richie rich diplomatic people, and when they wanted to get goodie goodie with other people they’d exchange really insane treasure to the other person to be happy happy. Sorta. It’s better explained in the show, not with my awful explanation :I

No cameras were allowed, so I had to jot down everything on paper. Sadly, I was not prepared and didn’t bring any watercolor brush or white pencil, so my drawings were just pen doodles. And if any person who has seen me sketch my ideas on paper, you probably won’t understand what I was trying to say either. But here’s a sneak peek at my favorite part of the show, which was those ‘weird animals’ I saw decorated on a lot of vases and other sculptures as part of the feet or handles of the objects:

Like I said, you might be wondering “what in the world is THAT?!” Well I am gonna answer you to “yea I didn’t even know what the hell it was either” and I probably still can’t tell you. Mostly because there were no particular titles to any of the vases, or descriptions, only the artists’ names. So basically, what I saw in that show were these crazy amalgam creatures–not particularly a sphinx  or a chimera (although I’d just call it that for convenience sake), but well…er….you know, creatures. Also, since there weren’t any descriptions of the works, what may have been a decoration of a flower on the animal looked like horns an animal. I went with Laura Ramie, and I said that one of the goat’s horns looked like octopus tentacles while she said they were just stylized work at the time. I’m sure she is correct, but that idea already sparked in my head for another drawing.

I am actually really fascinated by this stuff, I’m thinking of seriously spending another day (this time with my actual drawing tools) and really getting into detail with the objects. What threw me off the most is that this stuff was all dated around 1780s–that is a LONG time ago (I think?). Today, I haven’t seen anything like this that can compare……wait, isn’t that kinda odd? So I think as a future project, I am going to make a series of works to re-live these pieces into today’s world. When I’ve completed one of my three comic projects, I think I’ll start a kickstarter on this project, and people who donate enough can be a model for one of the pictures in the series.



A Show I’ll Never Forget (my thesis show)



Wow, that was probably the biggest ‘gallery show’ that has happened to me. It was really enjoyable and nerve wracking because I never actually spoke to an official art director. I’d imagine them to be much older (coz of experience and my teacher being old and a great art director), but they were all surprisingly young and asked a lot of really important questions I could barely answer. One guy said I should go to Hollywood, and I was like “wait..what?” LOL. That put this dumb smile on my face. But what was MOST scary about this is how they acted when they talked to me. They give you this small smile, but you can never tell if they’re being honest, or genuinely being really nice to you;  you can’t even tell if what they’re saying or reacting is good or bad because well…they really don’t give out any sort of obvious gesture to you about if they’re interested or not. Then every once in a while, an art director would just spout out a giggle, followed by “hmmm”–I really can’t say if any of them liked my work or not, which is the scariest part of this experience :(






















We are also judged by our teachers from illustration. I was REALLY looking forward for three of my teachers to come by and talk to me: Robert Hunt, Caitlin Kuhwald, and Alexis Marhus, the three teachers that I had the hardest time with in class, because my work  just wasn’t good/satisfying enough back then. I really wanted to show Dugald, the head of the illustration department the most, but there was a sad story behind all of that (read previous blog post). I was really happy of the teachers that DID come to my gallery, Chris Koehler, Owen Smith, and Randy Chavez, and Bob Ciano who were really surprised at how much summer break did to my work. However, the most disappointing thing about this show was that none of the teachers I really REALLY wanted to show (Robert, Caitlin, and Alexix)  actually walked and check out my show at ALL!. None of them came and talked to me face-to-face in the show (although one of the teachers just walked by me in the hallway and told me she liked my work), but it saddened me the most about this show. I worked so hard to impress the teachers that didn’t seemed impressed with my work the most, and none of them came to talk to me about it….. T^T

What really motivated me to do such a great job the most on my thesis was not just that I had a sweet ass idea, and that I practiced a lot, but I really REALLY wanted to impress Robert, Caitlin, and Alexis the MOST in the entire show! Especially Robert, when I was in his class it didn’t seem like he was quite satisfied enough (although he explained to me why he acted ‘sort of” like that for another reason a week ago), so all summer break I kept practicing and working on extra projects to pump up my motivation and skills and I kept thinking “Damn! I’m gonna push this thesis to the limit and shove it up their faces! Especially Robert! I’M GONNA MAKE HIM SAY HE THINKS IT’S GOOD! BWAHAHAHA!”















*you know those anime/mangas where ppl lose or get in a super hard fight, but like they come back 2 years later all pumped up with super new skills and kick some ass? Well, I was just like that yesterday XD*



Whu-Whu-WHATT?! A SHOW?!


Once more, I cannot stress that if you wanna know what the hell I did for four months and almost ignored the rest of what little social life I had to concentrate on this, please check this out:


1111 8th St. San Francisco, 6:00pm. Recommended: BART and BUS. Free food, and lots of promotional goodies ^_^

I’ll be giving out–wait–come to my show and check it out!







AN ART SHOW! (with me in it!)


Hi! I’m near completion to my thesis, and I’m working on my actual show right now! I’m glad I’m almost done…it’s due on tuesday. I need to make promotional pieces, and I designed the entire thing already, and it’s really close to print. Of course, none of you get to see it unless you go to my show, and I’ll be handing them out FOR FREE! That’s right, it’s free (cos it’s self promotion)!

















I’d like if any of you could come, please do. It’s free, and there’s free cheese, food, and wine. Trust me, it’s worth it. Not only do you get to see MY work, but also, my other classmates’ work as well, and there might be a chance you can get free promotional pieces from them as well :3



Work partly done…time to go out


I finished 5 thesis pics. No I’m not going to post them in this entry. Instead, I’ll talk about the day AFTER it was due.

On Friday, I went to the Southtown Arcade with my friend Laurel Planas and we dropped off our artwork, seen here:!/southtownarcade/status/127526227220250624/photo/1. It was kind of empty there…school really takes a bite out of life for people, doesn’t it? Eventually, at 4 there were tons of people crowding around a few machines. I sucked my gut (finally) and shoved two quarters in the SSF4 machine and played against my friend (even though I knew the outcome anyhow), but it was kind of cool. I don’t think I’ve ever played any arcade game and beat the enemy more than three times.

Afterwards though, we went tea tasting at a local store a few stores down the arcade called “Lang’s Tea Co.” It was free, although I did spend some money on tea so me and my friends could have a tea party one day. I posted the store on Yelp with photos I took of the store, and the model for those photos is actually Laurel Planas! haha…she looks so badass in the photos.

Here’s a beautiful sample photo I took of her in the store trying out some tea:


Ruby’s Cafe-Children’s Art Gallery Show


I was in a ‘teaching practices’ class where for 6 months I helped teach middleschoolers and helped a highschool group with two special art projects. We worked very hard planning on it and discussing it with our teacher (and the teacher at the school) and we created some work about what the students perceived their ‘community’ as. When they were done with the projects, the very nice and wonderful cafe owner from Ruby’s Cafe in Emeryville let us display our work in the show. And it’s up right now!

Ruby’s Cafe:
6233 Hollis St
(between 62nd St & 63rd St)
Emeryville, CA 94608

Student Gallery: Every Secondary School. Highschool and eighth grade work. Two projects.

Every Secondary School Art Gallery
This is Ms. Sara Stillman, the art teacher in Emery Secondary School. The two girls with her are my classmates who helped with the teaching–Veronica and Alex Bastias. The artwork behind them is from the high school group. Each wooden plank is a ‘self portrait’ representing things that revolve around their community.

Emery eighth grade gallery
This is Alex Bastias (classmate from teaching practices class) next to the eighth grade gallery. These are all comic pages drawn and inked by the kids. The question was ‘if you could change anything in your community, what would it be?’ The students thought of ways to change it from having super powers that can change peoples’ personalities to owning a robot that will do their bidding! Also, Alex is holding a PRINTED COPY of all the comics–YOU CAN GET A COPY OF THE COMICS AT THE CAFE! I’m pretty sure it’s free too :3

Ruby's Cafe owner
This is the owner. At the gallery opening, he provided free snacks and drinks for everyone!

As you can see, one of the Emery Secondary students is reading the comics :D

So go visit Ruby’s Cafe for the art gallery show!