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The Street Fighter series is a oddball fascination for me. The characters are fun and quirky, but I almost never play the game with anyone because I’m REALLY bad at the game. I STILL can’t input a forward, down-back-forward movement on the game stick or figure out how to do anything past a three hit combo. That limits me to only a handful I can really play. Hell, i can’t really go past a three hit combo. Still, the Street Fighter universe fascinates me, especially the comic material. I love drawing this series.

When I heard about this project, I was intrigued. Not to mention I watched Assassin’s Fist AND read a bunch of street fighter comics a week before I found out about this project. I really wanted to do a comic, but I know if I drew some romance out, it would resemble something too similar to a bishoujo manga. Besides, I’m sure someone already did it in this anthology (and after i read the anthology, point proven). So I decided to make mines about their childhood. I was also given a page limit, so had to squish what would have been five pages into three pages and a cover. Still…
Jackie_Lo_page_0_PREV Jackie_Lo_page_1_PREV Jackie_Lo_page_2_PREV Jackie_Lo_page_3_PREV

I don’t know if anyone noticed or if my art skills were great enough to depict it, but I took some shots from Assassin’s Fist to depict the same place Ryu and Ken were living in.

It was called ‘The Waterfall’ based on a scene where Ryu was training on one. There’s a glimpse at 0:36
Ryu’s character design was also based on the character in the movie. I made him look like one of those kids begging to be picked on for this comic, yet at the end he was just holding back on everyone.

In addition to making this comic, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to COLOR it in markers too! Actually, one reason is that I’m really slow on the computer, and the other is that I wanted to promote the use of traditional coloring for mainstream comics. It was also a good piece of work to show in my portfolio.

I went to Emerald City Comic Con, and showed it to Copic Marker and the Udon table, hoping I’d be able to network. I think I did alright with both(?), so I will wait the rest of my life to see if they ever would. I enjoyed how Long Vo, Edwin Hyang, and Joe Ng saw it and the reaction was ‘omg this is cute’ XD Well, I wasn’t aiming for that, but it was a nice compliment coming from them.

You can purchase Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist here. It’s a live action adaptation done right :D
Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist – Live Action (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

or just rent it here: Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist

You can also read the rest of the anthology where my comic was drawn here:
The Ryu  x Chun-li Project Facebook Page


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