CONventional! Comic Downloads

Heya! Separate from my illustrations, I’m also the creator of “CONventional!“, a minicomic/webseries about proper convention behavior.

You may have seen me give out free minicomics at every convention I pretty much go to now, and you might be wondering ‘hey, wouldn’t it be cool if ____ had it?’

The files here are HI RESOLUTION, and DOWNLOADABLE.
No seriously, if you have a convention or small event that needs some basic guidelines, or you want to spread the love, just download the comic, print it out, and hand them out as minicomics!

Of course, there are rules to this….

You can:

  • download and print hundreds of copies for your convention
  • enlarge or shrink images to whatever size you need (some people have made giant signs for people to read)
  • reblog the images elsewhere (as long as credit to the facebook page is given)
  • use for convention panels and lectures (as long as you credit the facebook page)
  • use for non-convention related events, such as cosplay gatherings
  • Change the color of the lineart/background, or color the whole thing in yourself, but please email me first.
  • Request alterations to the comic to fit your event. There are restrictions, but I’m pretty open minded.

You can NOT:

  • credit yourself as the creator. I’m the creator, even if you printed out these comics.
  • sell for profit or use to promote donations to your own cause. For example, handing out the fliers and then asking people to donate to support the cause.You may, however, host some sort of non profit event and give these out. Hopefully this makes sense. This comic is not meant for other people to make profit out of my efforts.
  • Aside from changing the color scheme, you cannot alter the images themselves. You can’t remove my name, or any credits that are already there. BUT if there’s a specific ‘character’ version you want made (like convention mascot), feel free to email me and I’ll do that for you. Many of these downloadable templates are coordinated to include a voice actor/actress that appeared at the convention. If your convention has a specific voice actor/actress you want to highlight, i’ll redraw those two specific panels free of charge, and send you the template

And lastly:
-after you use them, please post a photo, tag #CONventionalcomic on whatever social media you have, and email me! I’d love to see them!

Okay, out with the nitty gritty, so HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST???


If you’ve used the template and want to compensate, feel free to donate! Since they’re free comics at conventions, it still costs money for me to buy the paper and ink to print them, buy a ticket/artist alley table at a convention, and then occasionally pay for hotel to stay at the con. It costs, okay? So any donation, whether it be money, discounted/free convention tickets, or just sharing on your social media helps!

Anyhow, please click on the image for the appropriate minicomic. Some may come in various versions for your convenience. All comics are black and white, but you can be creative by using different color paper or ink to make it.

Attendee Etiquette is the most popular, main comic used for promoting CONventional. It gives a basic outline of how any attendee should act at a convention. If you need the comic that tells your attendees to put on deodorant, this is the one.


Cosplay Etiquette features SugarPunch Design Works. Check out their work here!

Note: Arcade Edition is the first edition (will be revised after some professional input by various convention staff)


Perfect for any Ballroom Dancing event, not just at anime conventions!

CONventional: Artist Alley Edition: Coming eventually….
CONventional: Parent’s Guide: Coming eventually…
CONventional: Photography Etiquette: Coming eventually…

More coming soon!

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