CONventional: Attendee Etiquette–CUSTOMIZE YOUR PAGE!

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As mentioned before, page 3 changes all the time. So here’s a gallery of all the versions I’ve made, and each one is downloadable. I’ve always made them according to which voice actor has come to my convention, as an easter egg for anyone who picks up my comic more than once.

Directions: Find the page you like, download it, and replace that page with the ‘page 3’ or ‘side B'(page spread version). Then proceed to print.

If you are hosting a convention/event and would like another character featured on page 3 instead of the ones I already have, feel free to email me. I will change it for you, free of charge, and it will also be available to the rest of the public as well.

Single Page Version (Page 3):

Double Page Spread Version (Side B):

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