I’ll be at Animation on Display 2014!


If you haven’t heard the news about me going to this con, it’s likely that you don’t follow my tumblr or facebook, where I got super psyched for two weeks and made new prints. Time doesn’t allow me to make much more except a better layout for my table, but yea, I still have things to show.

Anyways, with any upcoming convention, I have a self promotion video!

So of course, it mentions my blog, and this is it, but the directory for Angry Artist Alley is here.

And if you want to order a sketch and you can’t make it to the convention, check out the brown paper sketch form here and the light paper sketch form here.

I love brown paper sketches because they’re more fun and unique, but I know some people want to stick with white. I always hate when I buy a flimsy print and come home just to find it bent on the sides, which is why I will always include a backing board with my commissions. Sorry, not prints, because backing boards cost a bit unless you cut them all by hand!

contact: jackie@jackieloart.com


Before convention (and pickup at the convention): $17, 8.5″x11″, and backing board–payment first

At convention: $20, 8.5″x11″, and backing board–payment first. I have a credit card reader this year. But please, cash would be best.

After convention (for some reason I need to mail it to you): add $3. Large envelopes can cost a bit.

After convention/Online: $25, plus $3 shipping,  8.5″x11″, and backing board. I concentrate the most time on these, and you can request on a more NSFW basis if desired. Nudity is fine to some extent, but no porn. I’m not good at drawing porn.

And I guess here are some things you should know while considering a purchase:

  • I don’t do pencil sketches because they smudge and you’re going to screw it up in a few weeks anyways. Also, my sketches are so dirty and unfinished I’m pretty sure you won’t be impressed with the giant graphite smudges.
  • I would never consider an inking commission for ten bucks. People take TIME and years of PRACTICE to draw at our pace, and so I feel that people who under price that low for their work should think a little higher than themselves. Support artists, make us feel good about ourselves! Artists are paid thousands of dollars to make a  cover pages for books or design a logo, this is already insane.
  • noncommercial use only. Give it as a gift or on the wall, but don’t you dare scan and sell it on merchandise!
  • I hate when I order something flimsy and when I get home they crinkle on the edges. All my sketches will come with a backing board to prevent that.

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