A Look Back at 2015


2016 marks a new year for all sorts of shit. So here’s my reflection. I only chose a few images for every month, but I definitely made more. Anyhow…

2015 artA
January: furiously doing conventions to earn enough money to satisfy me for
Emerald City Comic Con
February: Reminiscing over Monty’s legacy, I drew a comic about it. And then finished my Street Fighter comic. Then started another comic.
March: Finishing up some pages and heading off to Emerald City Comic Con. I learned a lot of things there, and my perspective of my future drastically changed.
April: Internet harassers changed my life. I could barely draw. From this point, I stopped tabling, and felt ashamed to go to a lot of conventions.
May: Since I wasn’t tabling, I stopped stressing over which fanart I should make for the next convention, and draw fanart of series I personally liked, no matter how obscure. Oh, and practicing coloring technique.2015 artB
June: More practice. If you take out the color, the drawings look the same as the ones in January btw. So it was just color experimentation and methods here.
July: I remade some old drawings, and I used to love drawing chibis. Of course, because I wasn’t selling at artist alley, I didn’t really have incentive to post many. I guess I changed my mind. Then I went bonkers and made a crap ton after that.
August: Preorders for two anthologies and keychains came up around this time. Really crunching that stuff. I can’t really post the anthology stuff because that’d screw up the whole point of buying the thing in the first place =_=’
This was when my twitter was flooded about World Trigger. I’m so sorry you guys…it’s just that the series is so great. This was also the time when I decided to try Crunchyroll’s ‘Fanart Friday’ series, and draw a weekly fanart of the theme (and trying to do obscure series/characters). You’ll notice from this month, the fanart is a bit harder to recognize. 2015 artC
October: I started experimenting different stuff. The Sio Ogura anthology came out, along with my keychains. Bob Ross streams on Twitch.tv are amazing.
November: I got a watercolor set and I really wanted to do more Sumi-e like artwork. Suddenly my art looked a lot simpler. Indivisible had a kickstarter and I tried my best to advertise it. I made a TON of chibis this month.
December: I finally got the parts to make custom nendoroids for my own enjoyment (yay another hobby!). I was incredibly generous this month, with a ton of handmade gifts, christmas cards, and other stuff.

2015 marks the year that I was harassed on the internet by strangers and anonymous, and I saw others get harassed as well. I also learned that although Artist Alley is very fun and friendly in real life, it’s incredibly hostile on the internet. I feel like tabling outside the state now.

Regarding the universe outside of mine, I am very disappointed in many people who have decided to make extra time to harass other artists and their work. You can’t draw some girls because their breasts don’t fit your standards of ‘normal’? Or the fanart isn’t representing the character’s original design enough? Even saw a petition to keep one artist from selling certain goods because it’s against their personal beliefs.

I’d like to defend a lot of these people, but I learned this year that anyone who decides to be a prominent speaker and defend someone (even themselves) will get shot down so badly on the internet. People on the internet are incredibly oversensitive these days, I’m probably offending someone reading this about being offended right now.

If it’s one thing I can pick up from 2015 that will guide me through 2016, it’s that blocking people and facebook groups that have way too much drama, arguments, trolling, and hate really helped me a lot.

Anyways, do you think I improved? Got any tips for me for this year? Critique? Anything you want to see me draw? Feel free to leave a comment.