Angry Artist Alley: How to DO the FOOD


This is a small series made from a powerpoint presentation back in Fanime 2013, where I did a lecture called “Artist Alley: Survival Guide”, in attempt to weed out the weak who were unprepared for conventions. Each one of these is a short article of one of the topics dealt with from that panel. In the panel, I tried to make it a ‘midevil’ theme, and tried to sound as mean and blunt as possible, trying to make artist alley seem impossible for the weak. Unfortunately, at the end of this panel a number of people were taking notes on paper, and I think I gave them hope. Well shit. Anyhow, anyone in artist alley should still be aware of this stuff, even if it sounds or feels awful. All the drawings were the exact same things I used for the powerpoint.


Getting food at artist alley is such a bitch. You know you’ve had that feeling where you have to un-glue your ass off your seat, walk out and hope you don’t lose customers, find a place you wanna eat AND can afford, and run back asap. And somehow when you get back the person sitting next to your table goes ‘oh yea, someone walked by and was interested in a commission and I told them to come back’ and you’re like @#$%!

Here are some tips:

  • Find ALL the closest places near your convention in a three block radius. You can do four, but I love being lazy and usually one or two is the best for me. Write the address on a piece of paper.
  • If you know what’s on their menu (or you’ve looked it up and you know what you want), write down their PHONE NUMBER. Before you leave your table, phone them up and order over the phone. When you go to the place, all you have to do is pick it up.
  • If you have someone who can help you get the food, take advantage. See number five.
  • If you have a convention with multiple days, you can discuss with the people next to you if you would like to switch off days. For example, one day you will buy lunch for yourself and your table partners, but on the next day, they will buy lunch for you.
  • Party up: The wonders of having one lackey helper is to have everyone in a group (either table mates or buddies or something else) do the entire shopping. Everyone puts in five to seven dollars, they go out and buy something like two giant ass pizzas and everyone goes wild. Pizza is great for this.
  • *note: I demand you give respect to the person who buys the food for everyone. YOU ARE AWESOME  >:I
  • Packaged foods. I’m kinda shady about quality of packaged sandwiches and stuff, but hey if it works it works.
  • Pack your own lunch: Make sure to put an ice pack if your food needs to be cold. It’s gonna be a looooooong day.
  •  List of things that can last in your lunchbag WITH an icepack or in controlled temperature: Sandwich, salad (not recommended because it makes a mess), yogurt, cheese, bagel/cream cheese, etc
  • List of things that can last in your lunchbag WITHOUT an icepack: fruits, nuts, granola (not super recommended because it makes a mess), energy bars, junk food, fruit

*note: you got to be careful with bananas. Probably should get a banana holder if you wanna bring it, but it’s worth it.

I recently went to Animation of Display 2014 and met some really great people. The first one I want to mention, unfortunately did not get a photos, but his name was pronounced as ‘Gus’ (will research and post later). Anyways, to the beginning of the story, I met these two young lovely ladies, who said this was their first con, and we had small talk conversation stuff. Anyways, let’s say hi!


Name: Carolyn something. I think it’s actually two people…or one…yea I need to contact them :T

sites: and

Food was indeed really tricky, and I brought my own lunch but boy I wish I had warm food. Anyways, these two wanted warm lunches as well, and the day before I was drooling at the In and Out smell from the table next door. So I asked the table next to me if it was okay that we contributed money so they could buy us lunch. And holy smokes they were angels! The guy who bought lunches for them helped us get some In and Out burgers as well. It felt so good…so delicious….THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS!

The table next to me who bought the food:

I believe it was a set of three artists or something, but I only have contact to one:

Name: Deyanira Babcock


*note: That’s one goddamn sexy rack there. Wait, were you thinking of something naughty just now?

When you eat, please be courteous to others, so please try to avoid:

  • Eating something stinky. No one wants to smell your nasty smelling food and table. Bring a duran to artist alley you’re gonna get kicked out I bet. Or I’ll kick you out.
  • Eat granola and salads carefully. I’d actually just recommend you not eat it at all at a con, because you’ll be dropping it , stuff flying on the carpet (even if it’s not convention staff’s job, someone still has to clean it). Also takes forever to eat
  • Use open cups: Please have closed waterbottles or tops on your cups, and always keep it closed if you’re not drinking. Again, if you spill it, someone needs to clean it.
  • Wipe your hands before you touch your artwork. That’s dang nasty as hell. If you can’t wipe your fingers, please hold paper towel around the work to give it to someone
  • When buying food, get an extra bunch of paper towels. Who knows how many times you’re gonna have to stop eating, wipe your hands, touch the work, get back to eating, and do it all over again.

What’s a good time to eat?

When you’re hungry as hell, or when the tables look like they’re dying. Usually ‘down time’ is around 2-4 pm. Another way to seeing if you can take a break is if you look at the row closest to the entrance (or if it’s next to dealer’s hall, look for people along the aisle closest to dealer’s hall). If there are a LOT of people hoarding the area, traffic is going to come. Check the amount of people between your table and the exit/dealer’s hall side as well, if there’s also a lot of people there, stay put. However, once you notice rows between you and that area are sparce, go take a bathroom break or whip out lunch. Most people walk from one side (entrance/dealers hall) down to the other side of artist alley, row by row, down to up, left to right. Not a 100% thing, just my own observation. Or get a table partner :T

And lastly, the two things I make sure to bring at every convention:

  • Breath mints: Stinky breath sucks ass.
  • Wet Wipes: No need to go to sink, just wipe your hands. It’s amazing. AMAZING.


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